Dooflix for Android TV

Dooflix for Android TV is the ultimate solution for watching movies easily. Through Dooflix APK you can enjoy movies on android.Moreover you can also watch your favourite TV shows. It is a particularly easy to use app and has high quality. Absolutely to watch high quality movies, Dooflix for Android TV is a highly usable indeed you get all updated features.

The biggest feature of Dooflix for Android TV is that it is a very easy to use application.and because of its simplicity it is very easy to use it in android phone. While using it you will not face any kind of problem. Also it will download easily without any problem. Absolutely while downloading it you will not face any problem. So you are fond of watching TV shows and movies. Therefore, once you need to download it. You will definitely like to use this app. Once you download it on your android phone and start watching. Our experts indeed have absolutely created a simple platform for you to guide you. There are two methods that are used to streamline this.First method is sideloading. And the second method is the screen mirroring method.

Sideload Dooflix for Android TV

Indeed steps for Dooflix for Android TV are as follows:

  1. Firstly you have to open the android and then absolutely go to the app section. 
  2. Obviously go to the google play store and  now launch it.
  3. Now by clicking on the search icon you have to type downloader in the mentioned field. 
  4. Hit the install button by and locate the downloader app by AFTV news indeed.
  5. Now you have to wait for the download 
  6. Install the downloader app on your downloader app.
  7. Certainly now you will see that the downloader app is downloaded.
  8. Definitely now press the home button on your remote.
  9. Now from the home page navigate to the Settings Icon. 
  10. From the options, go to the Device Preferences.
  11. Now particularly go to the Security and restrictions.
  12. Without a doubt click on the Unknown Sources. 
  13. Unquestionably now open the Downloader Toggle.
  14. Launch the downloader app by going back to the home screen. 
  15. The app of your tv asks you for other permission.
  16. Now accept the storage.
  17. From the left pane,choose Home.
  18. Undoubtedly , type the mentioned URL.
  19. On your Android TV, click go to download the APK file.
  20. Now the file is downloaded, open it and click Install.
  21. Further click open to launch the app.
  22. Above all, now you can watch your favourite TV shows and movies.   .   

Dooflix for Android TV Download

Screen Mirroring Method

When you are not able to do the first sideloading method then you can definitely opt for this second method.  Connect Dooflix android TV to a wi-fi network. As well as connect your smartphone to the same network. Ultimately on your smartphone, sideload the Dooflix APK. Now install and launch the app and ultimately log in. On the Dooflix App play the video content. Absolutely tap the Cast Icon. Finally choose the Dooflix Android TV. Ultimately you can see whatever you want whether it’s TV shows Or Movies. 


So guys you have definitely seen how you can watch your favourite TV shows and movies. And that too on Dooflix for Android TV. We are finally advising you to see your entertainment channels only on Dooflix for Android TV. Even you can enjoy this lonely or with your loved ones. And that too without PCs, tablets ,Macbook etc. 

Moreover we have told you two methods of Dooflix App for Android TV. Now don’t wait and have entertainment with Dooflix app especially designed for android TV.

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